The Slutventure Starts Now

The Slutventure Starts Now

Hello! Happy Hump Day and welcome to Slutumentary, this is the debut of the relaunch of this podcast.

Each episode I will pop the transcript in ChatGPT and ask it to create something from it, this time I asked for a rhyming poem.

Step into the world of Slutumentary,
A podcast where desires roam, wild and free.
Hosted by Huxley, a fearless soul,
Unveiling stories that will rock and roll.

From the northwest of England, this host resides,
Leaving Cambridge behind, where passion hides.
With a chunky frame and stature tall,
Huxley's journey beckons, captivating all.

Imagine a figure, six foot one,
Thicc and juicy, a kinky sex bomb.
With big balls, a mighty, thick dick,
Indulging pleasures, oh, the scenes they depict.

For foot lovers, Huxley's got the goods,
Size eleven feet, a treat that sure intrudes.
And dildos, oh my, a collection vast,
Creating porn for all to relish and to cast.

But Slutumentary goes beyond just one,
A platform for sex workers, the battles they've won.
Unveiling stories, sharing advice and lore,
Tax tips and insights, an essential score.

Huxley's entrance to the world of "sin",
Through a fundraising campaign, the journey begins.
Opening relationships, exploring desires,
Encountering love that sets their soul on fire.

Tumblr was the playground, where content thrived,
Until its adult ban left desires deprived.
But fear not, for OnlyFans was soon in sight,
A space where Huxley could truly ignite.

Yet, the journey wasn't always smooth and sweet,
Unwanted sharing of content, a bitter defeat.
Consent is key, a lesson loud and clear,
Boundaries respected, trust held so dear.

Now, with renewed passion, the podcast does unfold,
Rekindled flames of desire, stories yet untold.
Both OnlyFans and JustForFans, Huxley thrives,
Custom videos, fantasies that come alive.

So, dear listener, come join the allure,
Enter the realm of desires so pure.
Slutumentary awaits, an adventure untamed,
Where pleasure and knowledge shall forever be named.

Discover the secrets, the tales that excite,
In each episode, a newfound delight.
Open your mind, let curiosity ignite,
Slutumentary beckons, embrace the seductive night.

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