Slutumentary Recap

Slutumentary Recap

This week I’ve decided to share this mishmash of the previous episodes I’d recorded so that they weren’t lost to time, new episode next Friday!

As will become tradition, below is the transcript of the episode that has gone through ChatGPT, this time I asked it to use the transcript to write a rap!

Yo, listen up, it's a recap episode,
A lovechild of the past, let the story unfold.
From Slutumentary to Slut Elementary,
We're stitching bits and bobs, creating synergy.

We're building a community, a sex work network,
Exploring open discussions, let's make it connect.
If you're into graphic talk about sex,
Stick around, enjoy the flow, show some respect.

Sex work is valid, let's break the stigma,
From solo shows to collaborations with vigor.
Onlyfans and JustForFans, avenues to explore,
A chance to express, to make viewers adore.

Taxes may not be sexy, but they're a must,
Register as a sole trader, avoid future fuss.
Calculate earnings, pay your fair share,
Don't get stung with a bill, that's a nightmare.

From dildos to anal, exploring new heights,
Sharing intimate moments, sheer delight.
5000 followers on Twitter, a milestone we share,
Reduced subscriptions, a celebration affair.

Collaborations with creators, a chance to connect,
Hot scenes, support others, and earn their respect.
Talking money, income, let's not shy away,
Transparent conversations, let's end the cliché.

It's a recap episode, the love child of the past,
Mixing old podcasts, we're making it last.
From places to host content to the life of a worker,
We're breaking taboos, let the truth uncloak ya.

Prep for peace of mind, no worries to bear,
Open discussions, topics we'll dare.
From STDs to prevention, we'll cover it all,
Join this journey, let's stand tall.

So thank you for tuning in, for being a part,
Let's continue this journey, ignite the spark.
Slut Elementary, where sex work is embraced,
Recap episode complete, let's make it a craze.

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